Specialized Equipment

In addition to providing a fleet of emergency medical transportation equipped with ALS capabilities, Lane LifeTRANS also offers specialized equipment within its fleets of vehicles and has formed partnerships and agreements with other agencies to provide exceptional medical care.

Ambulette Division
The Ambulette Division of Lane LifeTRANS provides non-medical, alternative transportation to the community. These vehicles are wheel chair equipped and provide transportation for the elderly and others to a number of locations and events including nursing homes, rehabilitation facilities, doctor’s visits, special events and more. Individuals, families and nursing homes can schedule
this service.

Hypothermic Resuscitations
We are also equipped with special hypothermic resuscitation equipment. For patients suffering from post cardiac arrest, we are able to treat them with cooling fluids that help to lower their body temperature. This equipment lowers the patient’s risk of brain cell damage due to hypothermia.

12-Lead ECG Monitors
As emergency medical professionals, we understand the importance of time when responding to situations and treating patients. For that reason, we have equipped our vehicles with 12-Lead ECG technology. This technology allows our staff of medical professionals to transmit 12-Lead ECG to emergency room physicians and cardiologists to alert the hospital staff of a patient’s cardiac condition before arriving at the hospital. This provides the hospitals more time to accurately prepare for a patient’s arrival and works to save lives.

Mobile Intensive Care Unit St. Elizabeth’s Hospital
Lane LifeTRANS is the sole provider contracted to assist St. Elizabeth’s Mobile Intensive Care Unit. We provide a 24-hour crew of Lane LifeTRANS staff that works alongside the Intensive Care nursing staff of the Mobile Unit. An EMT and paramedic are most commonly the crew that is stationed at the Mobile Unit. They respond with the Intensive Care RN to the surrounding hospitals for critical patients and are able to provide supportive assistance to the RN to ensure that the highest level of critical care is achieved.

Stat Medevac
Lane LifeTRANS has formed an agreement with STAT MedEvac to provide ALS transport whenever STAT is unable to fly due to inclement weather or other unforeseen circumstances. Because our company can provide highly trained readily available crews, ALS units and modern equipment, we are capable of providing a solution quickly so that the communities receive continued care at the highest levels possible.