Staff Members

Lane LifeTRANS employs a team of highly trained, compassionate and caring professionals to serve our community. Totaling more than 125 employees, the team at Lane LifeTRANS includes Emergency Medical Technicians, Advanced EMTs, Emergency Medical Dispatchers, Paramedics, ambulette division, administration and supervisors. The staff at Lane brings 407 years of combined experience in the industry to the communities and people we serve.

All of our staff are trained at the highest level for National and State Certifications in their area of expertise. Our employees are also personally responsible for maintaining their certifications and are encouraged to advance their education in EMS.

At Lane LifeTRANS, we strongly believe in continuing to grow as EMS professionals and Continuing Education plays a vital role in that professional growth. Continuing Education is a requirement that all of our employees must achieve annually to maintain their certification. In addition, it allows our staff to maintain the highest level of care to our community and provides us with the newest medical knowledge available. Because of our strong belief in Continuing Education, at Lane LifeTRANS we provide monthly Continuing Education classes that are open to our employees at no cost and also provide information regarding other surrounding Continuing Education opportunities.

Joseph D. Lane
President/CEO – Lane LifeTRANS

Randall S. Pugh
Vice President/COO 
Thomas Lambert
Assistant Chief of Operations 
Jacqueline Dick
Judy Hartley
Field Lieutenant/Paramedic