Judy Hartley
Field Lieutenant

Judy Hartley has always had a passion for helping others and her work experience in the medical field continues as she endeavors to expand her career in EMS.

Currently, Mrs. Hartley oversees all aspects of new employee hiring and orientation. She also is the QA/CQI officer and assists with any new procedures and equipment that is introduced to the crews. She is a training center faculty member for Lane LifeTRANS’ training center and remains active on the Tactical Team. She also is certified as Hazmat Operations and assists Mr. Lambert with the medical care of the Trumbull County Hazmat Team.

Mrs. Hartley began her career at Lane LifeTRANS as a paramedic. She joined the Lane Tactical Team and completed the specialized training needed to become a tactical medic. As the need for more assistance in management arose, Mrs. Hartley became a Lieutenant at Lane LifeTRANS.

Before joining the Lane LifeTRANS staff, Mrs. Hartley served as a nurses’ aid at Crandall Medical Center and a state certified aid at Salem Community Hospital. She earned her EMT-Basic in 2004. Upon completion of her degree, Mrs. Hartley began working for a private ambulance company in Canton, OH and following a year of service, embarked on achieving her certification as a paramedic through the Institute of Prehospital Care at Trumbull Memorial Hospital. She accomplished her goal and graduated in 2005.

As Mrs. Hartley continues to grow in her career in EMS and at Lane LifeTRANS, her goal is to embrace continued improvement as an EMT. She is currently seeking a BS in Public Safety, specializing in Emergency Management, and hopes that one day she will be able to look back at her career and see differences made every day.

Mrs. Hartley currently resides in Austintown with her husband, Brent, and their two children, Carissa and Ryan.