Thomas Lambert
Assistant Chief of Operations

Mr. Lambert serves as Assistant Chief of Operations. In his role, he directs and coordinates the efforts of complying with Medicare and Medicaid guidelines, managing the Ambulette Division and managing the Ambulance Division as well. Together, Mr. Lambert and Mr. Pugh coordinate efforts as both divisions continue to grow.

Before joining the team at Lane LifeTRANS, Mr. Lambert began his career in EMS at Weathersfield Fire Department in 1986 following completion of the EMT-Basic course at Trumbull County Vocational School. He then became employed at Lane LifeTRANS in 1996 as a part-time EMT for the Ambulance Division. As Mr. Lambert continued his career at Lane LifeTRANS, he became a full-time Ambulette Supervisor, responsible for managing and developing the division from what began as two units to the current fleet of ten units now serving the surrounding area. Mr. Lambert also served as Transportation Coordinator before taking on his current position.

Mr. Lambert continues to serve the communities in many different ways. He has been a Captain of Weathersfield Fire Department since 2001 and is also a Certified Safety Officer, a member of the LEPC and sits on the board of the Joint Commission of Trumbull County EMS. He is a certified Hazmat Technician and is the Medical Officer for Trumbull County Hazmat Team. Mr. Lambert is also a member of the Lane LifeTRANS Tactical Team.

Mr. Lambert has continued to further his education in the field and earned his Paramedic certification in 2005 where he graduated with honors. He resides in Mineral Ridge with his wife, Karen, and daughter, Abbey.